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Something for those with strange tastes, indeed. Fancy a light snack on something chewy? Not sure what you've eaten. A sense of nausea, perhaps?

Vintage photo collections, and classic anthropology texts. Illustrated travelogues in downloadable digital format, ideal portable reading matter for travelers and collectors... Ebook Bundles - Special Offers:

Cannibals & Headhunters of Borneo - Vintage Travel E-Book Bundle - download for just $3.99

Two PDF ebook versions of vintage true-life travel adventures from the jungles of Borneo, supplied in compressed ZIP format. Save $$ on the separate selling prices at

- Pagan Tribes of Borneo (Vol 1) by A.C. Haddon

A fascinating insight from 1912 into the lives, customs, magical beliefs and superstitions of fierce, stone-age jungle tribes, for all fans of true-life adventures, ethnology and anthropology. By Alfred Cort Haddon, one of the founders of anthropology. Compiled in PDF format for easy portable reading, with a hyperlinked index and links to recommended further reading. Illustrated with vintage photos, prints and postcards.

- Through Central Borneo, by Carl Lumholtz

A thrilling travel tale from the unexplored jungles and highlands of Borneo. Originally published in 1920, here Lumholtz braves wild animals, tropical diseases and warlike tribes including the Dayaks, to discover their secret traditions and religious beliefs. Adventures with poison blow-pipes, snakes, robbers and headhunters! Compiled in PDF format for easy portable reading, with a hyperlinked index and links to recommended further reading.

Cannibals & Headhunters of Borneo - Vintage Travel E-Book Bundle

Cannibalism - Vintage True Tales of Horrid Feasts! - Special Edition, just $3.99

Two classic true-life travel tales of encounters with primitive tribes, from opposite sides of the world, in a special discount ebook bundle:

Cannibals & Headhunters - Vintage True Tales of Horrid Feasts

Brains and Brawn... Trotters and Tripe - Offal Recipes from Old Cook Books

"This book is truly offal!"

"A load of steaming tripe!"

Brains and Brawn... Trotters and Tripe

Forgotten & Forbidden Foods From Old Cook Books

This extraordinary recipe book will make your eyes water, and, possibly, your mouth! Even if you're dubious about the Victorian culinary delights of scrapple or head-cheese, it makes a highly entertaining and often humorous read. Learn how our not-so distant ancestors found a use for just about every part of the cow, sheep, and pig, plus a long list of more unusual species... Plenty of ideas for jaded dinner party hosts with demanding guests!

This cookery compilation makes a great novelty gift for epicures and gourmets, a wonderful talking-point for the bookshelf, but also contains invaluable, comprehensive reference material for serious cooks who want to stretch their horizons, for game hunters, and for survivalists in the backwoods. When the internet goes down, where else are you going to look to find out how to skin skunk or eel, make a squirrel pie, or bear hams?

They ate heartily in the Bad Old Days - do you have the stomach to try their fare? Here's how to make your own haggis, chitterlings, fagots, black pudding, prepare sweetbreads... plus Peculiar Puddings, Surprising Soups, Sickroom Feasts, Fowl Ideas, plus the proper way to serve molluscs, reptiles and amphibians... illustrated with selected diagrams and engravings from the original texts. Includes exhaustive recipe list. 210 pages, 8.5" x 11".

See some of the best advice from Brains and Brawn...!!   Order it in paperback for the Holiday Season for just $24.95!