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Welcome to Café Bizarre - A Digital Museum, Gallery and Weird Curio Shop

An emporium of curious collectibles - things weird, the unusual, strange, macabre, occult and gothic, creepy, magic - the surreal - including circus freaks, eccentrics, rare curiosa, classic erotica, magic artifacts, old cult and fetish objects, antique prints. Many curios to buy in downloadable formats - digitized art and antiquities, medical oddities and bygone curiosities from literature, colonial ethnology, alternative culture, and vintage photography. Step into a twilight zone of the Weird Wide Web...

Browse, or purchase original gifts in inexpensive, souvenir collectors' items (most under $5.00 !!) to download including PDF ebook, screensavers, graphics, slideshows and photo books. Plus a boutique selection of collectable T-shirts, trinkets, diversions, clothing, caps, mugs, bags, etc. Step in and take a peep...



Selected Curios, Books, Calendars, Gifts, Novelties...

Jack The Ripper's Victorian Peepshow - vintage erotic photo album

Jack The Ripper's Victorian Peepshow

Tour the red light districts of Victorian London and Paris with a group of gents in search of salacious entertainment - and a sultry selection of ladies of the night.

Seductive scenes from bawdy house bedrooms, "maisons closes" of ill repute, romping Edwardian lovers and French libertines, soldiers on leave with courtesans and shameless hussies, glimpsed through curtains and keyholes in scandalous poses by masters of early erotic photography!

Risqué, sometimes humorous portraits, for connoisseurs and collectors of vintage gaslight era erotica - an atmospheric album of over 100 early photos and postcards! In PDF ebook format, with optional rolling slideshow functions and random transition effects between images! Download it now for just $2.99 !!

Circus Sideshow Freaks - Vintage Photo Album

Circus Sideshow Freaks - Vintage Photo Album 

Step right up ladies and gents, for all the fun of the Victorian fairground... you'll be amazed by these genuine old photos of circus sideshow freaks: meet the Fat Lady, The Elephant Man, The Living Doll, The Strong Man, The Human Cannonball, giants, Lilliputian midgets, Siamese Twins, curious animal mutants, visual illusions, lady pipe smokers, eccentric performers, strange tattoos and piercings, medical and anatomical oddities, and bizarre appliances... Strange, bizarre curios from around the world, in downloadable ebook format.

Download it now for only $2.99

Edwardian Weird Freak Show - Vintage photos and postcards of medical and ethnoligical curiosities

Edwardian Weird Freak Show - PDF Ebook / Photo Slideshow

A Bizarre Menagerie - humorous and entertaining collection of vintage Photo Postcard Curios, surreal and amusing photomontages, eccentrics and mutants. Tattooed, fat and scary ladies, tribal lip plates, giants, circus freaks... risqué fetish ladies, cannibals, snake charmers, chastity belts, pygmies, monster fish, medical and ethnological oddities, strange sports and oddball inventions. Classic images from the early 1900s, digitized and compiled as an e-book / slideshow album. Highly unusual and entertaining!

In PDF ebook format, with optional rolling slideshow functionality and random transition effects between images! In presentation mode this e-book makes a great alternative to a screensaver.

Price only $2.99 to download now!

Victorian Drug Fiends - tales of opium eaters, cannabis, hasheesh, cocaine...

Victorian Drug Fiends - Classic Tales of Opium and Hashish!

A collection of infamous classics of drug literature: short stories, journalism, medical reports, poetry, visions, with vintage 19th century illustrations (prints, photos, postcards...), capturing the heady essence of Victorian drug culture. From the Romantic opium-eaters, to the Bohemian hashish fanatics, intrinsically linked to the underground art and literature of the era. Narcotics, opium dens, bhang, cannabis, hasheesh eaters, water pipes, hallucinogens and hallucinations, dreamy afternoons and hedonistic nights of absinthe, reefer cigarettes and sex. Entertaining, often erotic... dare we say addictive?

A literary anthology of authors including Aleister Crowley, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Richard Burton, de Quincey, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Bayard Taylor, Baudelaire, Dickens, and Louisa May Alcott!

Download it here for just $3.75 !! Hours of giddy entertainment!

An Absinthe Scrapbook (illustrated PDF ebook)

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

An Absinthe Scrapbook (illustrated PDF ebook)

Absinthe - the legendary demon drink of the decadent 19th Century, that inspired a cult and drove many of its artistic and literary devotees mad or to suicide(writers and artists including Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Aleister Crowley, Oscar Wilde).

A collection of dozens of illustrations - Art Nouveau posters, labels, adverts, art, accessories, history, paraphanalia, for all the major brands of absinthe, pastis and anisette, Terminus, Oxygenée and Pernod, plus

- Absinthe Recipes - cocktails with a bitter streak
- Absinthe Tales - lurid short stories from the Bohemian Age, inspired by visions of the Green Goddess

The book has been formatted with a mock “aged paper effect” background, to enhance the impression of a 1900's souvenir album. Supplied in PDF format for Acrobat Reader. Ideal, novel gift for absinthe fans and connoisseurs and collectors. Download it now for just $3.99 ....

 ....or get one of our eye-catching absinthe T-shirts!

100+ Humorous Vintage Postcards (Ebook Album / Slideshow)

An original collection of well over 100 vintage postcards, old photos and greetings cards, annotated with contemporary comic captions! Double entendres, amusing inuendoes, puns, visual jokes - funny, sometimes a little suggestive or shocking, not very politically correct (but no XXXX words or explicit content!), this collectible e-book album will delight your funny-bone.

Seaside and bedroom scenes, literary, smoking and drinking themes, Wild West, sports and military... some mildly erotic...A conversation point or party ice-breaker, sure to amuse your friends and colleagues - or strangers on planes and trains!

Buy online for $4.99

100+ Humorous Vintage Postcards (Ebook Album / Slideshow)

Vintage Tribal Body Art - A Photo Scrapbook

Dozens of early 20th century female portraits, ethnographic photographs of women featuring permanent body art, in digital format. An illustrated album in PDF ebook format for Acrobat Reader, with added rolling slideshow functions, and transition effects between images (great alternative to a screensaver, that you can browse at your own pace if you choose).

Primitive tattoos, fetishist scarification, ethnic piercings, lip plates and traditional ritual body markings. Fascinating and often strangely erotic photos of nude and semi-nude scarified women from South and West African fetish-worshipping tribes such as the Cerere None, Diola, Foulah, Soussou, Malinke and Dahomey, and from the North Africa Casbahs and harems - tattooed Arab, Bedouin and Moorish beauties, as seen by photographers such as Fortier (a great influence on the work of Picasso!). Rare shots of dancers, witches and sorceresses, chiefs' wives, brides, village beauties.... An unusual ethnographic collection for amateur anthropologists, fans of ethnic curios, tribal magic and religion, ethnology, voodoo and vintage erotica. Postcards and old photos, including color tinted images. (Art corporel, tatouages tribales, feticheuses africaines, scarifiées, piercées.)

Buy it online now for only $4.99

Vintage Tribal Body Art - A Photo Scrapbook from FishesEye

Cannibals & Headhunters of Borneo - Vintage Travel E-Book Bundle - download for just $3.99

Two PDF ebook versions of vintage true-life travel adventures from the jungles of Borneo, supplied in compressed ZIP format. Save $$ on the separate selling prices at

- Pagan Tribes of Borneo (Vol 1) by A.C. Haddon

A fascinating insight from 1912 into the lives, customs, magical beliefs and superstitions of fierce, stone-age jungle tribes, for all fans of true-life adventures, ethnology and anthropology. By Alfred Cort Haddon, one of the founders of anthropology. Compiled in PDF format for easy portable reading, with a hyperlinked index and links to recommended further reading. Illustrated with vintage photos, prints and postcards.

- Through Central Borneo, by Carl Lumholtz

A thrilling travel tale from the unexplored jungles and highlands of Borneo. Originally published in 1920, here Lumholtz braves wild animals, tropical diseases and warlike tribes including the Dayaks, to discover their secret traditions and religious beliefs. Adventures with poison blow-pipes, snakes, robbers and headhunters! Compiled in PDF format for easy portable reading, with a hyperlinked index and links to recommended further reading.

Cannibals & Headhunters of Borneo - Vintage Travel E-Book Bundle

A Vintage Geisha Girl Calendar 2008

A Vintage Geisha Girl Calendar 2008

A dozen vintage photos and postcards featuring Japanese Geisha Girls and women in beautiful, traditional kimono costume dresses. Many images in color. Includes portraits, domestic scenes, music and dance, tea ceremonies, and ladies from the Number 9 house...

A talking-point for the wall at home or in the office (or sushi restaurant!), also makes a great, original gift!

Buy it online for only $15.99!

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